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hairfetish's Journal

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Anybody , Moderated
Please be advised that this community is about hair fetishism, which is generally sexual. We are not a bunch of lamers that just decided to slap "fetish" onto the name of our community.

Is hair the thing that makes you excited?

We're into long hair, short hair, shaved heads, haircutting, hairstyling, head shaving, and any other hair related fetish. Share stories, pictures, ideas, etc. There's no need to apologize for crossposting; just don't do it.

As a non-vanilla community, please respect other users and their preferences. Discrimination against any person on the basis of sexuality (GLBT/BDSM/other paraphilia) will result in a permanent ban from this community.

Have fun and be nice to each other.

This community is maintained by adpinvasion