seanthomasdowd (seanthomasdowd) wrote in hairfetish,

just so my good friend DW. doesn't feel he's doing all the work, for many years i have invented abstract moral scenarios for myself too better understand my motivations; so guys(mostly but i'm sure you ladies can come up with a comparable version), your wife/lover/significant other, has beautiful long hair that you both adore, you have a strong hairfetish and fantasise about cutting it, she knows this but doesn't share your desire; today she comes too you in floods of tears and full of genuine remorse, because she has done something stupid and costly, sincerely wishing too make amends she offers you a pair of scissors and tells you it's ok she feels that badly about what she has done that cutting off her hair will make her feel less guilty, so would you please cut it all off. so do you or don't you, and why?
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