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Baby Fringe

Hi... I´ll gonna cut a friend´s hair tomorrow. And I need a Photo gallerie with all kind of fringe and bangs... She like the shorts ones, and we are looking for somes ideas.Disconected, diagonals, really shorts, and all tipe posibles... nothing about classics ones.

I´´ll be thankful if you can post any link, maibe in photobucket... thanx a lot
Sorry for my English

Hair Fetish Videos and Photo Galleries

Dear friends,

Just wanted to drop a few lines and let everybody know about my hair fetish site: I am a videographer, producer and webmaster for this site. Whenever you get a chance, come and take a look. I have posted free clips for every movie and the prices to download or to view the galleries are very affordable.

Thank you very much for your time.


what do you want to see in the hair personal ads website?

I'd decided to purchase a dating website software just because the coding is a bit over my head. Since I'm spending some money on this, and I'm not going to charge anyone for it (joining and using the website), can you *please* let me know specific things you'd like on this hair fetish personals website?

Thank you!

ps. For those who don't know, I am making a dating website for those who love bald women and/or bald men, for those who enjoy haircutting and head shaving, and anything else do to with hair. The domain has already been purchased:
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Hello There

I'm Hazel, and I have a rather diverse hair fetish. Specifically I enjoy:
-Playing with long haired men's hair (especially if said male is on the effeminante side)
-cutting hair/having my hair cut (especially by a girl with short hair, or a boy with long hair)
-I love having my hair played with or tugged upon
-I love a woman (or man) with an unnauteraul hair color... bright pink hair just turns me on
-Having my hair colored (Something about the idea of a forced bleach job... just... yummy)

Fetish Fun in IOWA..

I am new to this,
and don't quite know how to begin.....
I have had an intrest in womens hair for years...
As luck would have it,I was talked into giving my previous girlfriend a very tight, curley Perm.
She just loved it and had me cut it after it was rinsed and towel dried.
Since, I have been looking for other women to
pamper with an evening of Hair fun.
My very well kept hair is almost waist long.
I would love to have it wet set, conditoned
or whatever....
I am open to suggestions and am willing to travel.
How am I to find a willing lady?
My home is central IOWA.
Any willing lady can E-mail me:
All responses will be answered !
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Boy it's quiet here

What's up everybody?

It sure is quiet in this community. I just recently got accepted here and hope to make some new friends who share the same interests and then some.

I have quite an interest in shortwave radio, which offers a wide variety of entertainment that cannot be found on your conventional FM stations. There are literature programs as well as hearing news from around the world. As you can see with my Live Journal name, I am also interested in reading and writing poetry and short stories.

And now, my interests as far as hair, well, I am an admirer of women;s short hairstyles, including pixies, shaved necks and tapered cuts. I hope to hear from some of you.

Take Care,

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Another stunning asymmetric cut!

First of all, apologies for having to make some of my Posts "private". Some of the 51hair models prefer that their makeovers are not shown on public sites and so, respecting their wishes, I have removed these from public view.

Rest assured, though - all of their terrific pictures can be viewed in (or downloaded from) the VIP Zone of 51hair.

To make amends to some extent, here is a model that is VERY happy with her makeover and wishes to share a few of her pictures with everyone. Meet Miss Lin:

Although her hair is not the longest, she readily agreed to a beautiful asymmetric makeover - a style I know many of you love.

AsymmetricCollapse )
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